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Unity Ventures is an impact investment catalyst. Our mission is to unlock the potential of financial markets to generate impact - societal, environmental, and economic. Initiated by experienced professionals and partners with deep roots in the region, our focus is on Central and Eastern Europe. As a region, CEE is simultaneously underserved by capital markets, suffering from many societal and environmental challenges, and home to countless talented, driven, and committed innovators. However, for many reasons, the promise of impact investing is not living up to its potential in the region. Unity Ventures sets out to change that. Click here to learn more about impact investing.

In 2016, we are launching Unity Ventures Lab to prototype the future of impact finance in CEE by evangelising, innovating, and investing:


Despite it’s recent growth, impact investing is still a relatively new concept. Together with our Partners, we are raising awareness about the massive opportunity for impact investing in CEE, both within the region and outside, among entrepreneurs looking for finance and investors seeking to support the next generation of value creators.


Existing models, mainly borrowed from mainstream financial practice, often do not serve the needs of the impact investing field in CEE. Our goal is to hack, deconstruct, re-assemble, design, prototype, test, iterate, etc. to find workable deal generation and investment models that are adapted, viable, sustainable, and scalable.


Although innovative design and sound planning are important, concepts need to stand up to the test in reality. We therefore plan to pool investment capital to test our strategy and validate our designs also in practice. What works will then be scaled and replicated in the next phase.



Unity Ventures was intitiated by a team of experienced individuals and organizations united by the shared vision to mobilze the power of financial markets to create positive impact in CEE
Z o l t a n    F u z e s i
A deal maker with international investment and entreprenurial experience, his track record includes over 50 investments in healthcare, fund of funds investments, fundraising, and building and internationalizing a purpose-oriented enterprise from CEE to global markets.
N i k o l a u s     H u t t e r
N i k o l a u s     H u t t e r
An entreprenerur and investment executive with 20 years experience in the field, Nikolaus has initiated and worked with a number of pioneering initiatives in the impact space in Europe and internationally, with specific focus on CEE. Prior, he worked for over ten years in the Venture Capital field, and in the Cleantech and healthcare sectors.


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